Privacy Policy

We understand the importance of protecting your privacy when you join and use Kahoot! This section of our Privacy Policy outlines how we handle your information when you participate in a Kahoot! game.

Information We Collect

  • Nickname: When you join a Kahoot! game, you are asked to provide a nickname. This nickname is the only piece of directly identifying information we collect for the basic gameplay experience.
  • Gameplay Data: We collect data about your performance and interactions within a Kahoot! game. This includes answers you submit, response times, and scores. This data is used to generate leaderboards and provide insights to teachers (if you are playing in a school setting).

How We Use Your Information

  • Providing the Service: Your nickname and gameplay data are used to allow you to participate in Kahoot! games and for teachers to track student progress within their classrooms.
  • Improving Our Services: We may analyze gameplay data in an anonymized format (meaning it can’t be linked back to you) to understand how people use Kahoot! and make improvements to the platform.

Information Sharing

  • Teachers and Schools: If you are playing Kahoot! in a school setting, your teacher or school administrator may have access to your nickname and gameplay data to assess your understanding of the material.
  • Third-Party Service Providers: We may share limited information with service providers who help us operate Kahoot!. These providers have strict contracts in place to protect your data.

Your Choices

  • Nickname Choice: You can choose any nickname you’d like for your Kahoot! games. Avoid using your real name or any information that could identify you personally.
  • Data Retention: If you are playing Kahoot! as part of a school or organization, they will determine how long gameplay data is stored.

Additional Information

For more comprehensive information about our privacy practices, please refer to our full Privacy Policy at

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy practices regarding Kahoot!, please contact us at [email protected].