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Kahoot – What Should You Know About It  

Kahoot!, a game-based learning platform, makes it easy for you to create, assign, and share learning games with your students. It allows students to play learning games and quizzes easily and see their performance.  

How to Create a Kahoot Account

  • Visit kahoot.com
  • Tap on the Sign Up option. It usually lies at the top right corner of the website. 
  • Select the right option – Teacher, Student, Professional, or Family & Friends. Prefer to choose Teacher.  
  • Choose to Continue with Microsoft, Google, Apple, or Clever to Sign Up. 
  • Enter the requisite credentials, such as user name and password in the sign in page. 
  • Choose Accept in the Permission Request page. 
  • Enter all the required information and tap on Join. 
  • Choose a plan in the page of Available Plans. You can choose the Basic Plan as a teacher. 

How to Join Kahoot 

There are many ways to join Kahoot and have fun while learning. You can join it via a game PIN, link, or QR code. 

To join via a game PIN, you need to:

  • Browse kahoot.it on your PC or launch the app on your mobile device. Now, touch the Join option. 
  • Type the Game PIN that is Kahoot! Join code. 
  • Produce the requisite identifier if the host has enabled the player identifier. 
  • Tap on the Spin option for selecting a random nickname if required. 

To join via a link, 

  • Click on the game link you receive from your teacher or the game host. You don’t need to enter any PIN as the host sends you a direct link by clicking on the PIN in the lobby. 
  • Wait until Kahoot opens if you have installed its mobile app. Otherwise the link will open in a web browser on your device. 

To join Kahoot via a QR code  

  • Launch the Kahoot! Mobile app on your device. 
  • Click on the Join option that you can find at the bottom screen. 
  • Click on the option – Scan QR Code. 
  • Receive this QR code from the host screen or request the host to send a built-in QR code reader. 
  • Request the hot to click on the QR code to expand it if it is too small to scan. 
  • Wait until the game opens in your Kahoot! App. It will open in the device web browser if you do not have the Kahoot! App.   

How to Find PIN to Join Kahoot

  • Game pins are not permanent codes. Entering a PIN helps you join a game or class on Kahoot! Here is how you can find the PIN for yourself:
  • Receive the PIN from the game host. 
  • See on the host screen and go to the top of the game’s lobby to find the game/class PIN.  

How to join games in Kahoot! App

  • Open the Kahoot! App. 
  • Tap on the Join button. 
  • Insert the PIN you receive from the game host or see it on the host screen. 
  • Also, scan the QR code on the game’s host screen.   

How to review your game performance

  • Go to the Library section. 
  • Tap on the Reports option. 
  • Choose Played Games. 
  • Click on a game you played. 
  • See your overall score and podium in the Reports section. 
  • Review your performance in the section of Your Answers. 

How to Host Live Kahoots on the Kahoot App

  • Launch the Kahoot app.
  • Sign into your Kahoot account.
  • Search for a game and click on it to play it. 
  • Click on the Host option. This option lies at the bottom of your device screen. 
  • Choose the option – Live Game. 
  • Click on the icon to open the settings. 
  • Choose the screen casting option to mirror your screen. 
  • Follow the instructions appearing on your screen. You may need to follow your device-specific instructions. 
  • Select the game mode when you are ready to enjoy the game and you have set your game options. 
  • Let your students or players join and Start the game. 

How to Assign a kahoot in the Kahoot App

  • Open the kahoot app on your device. 
  • Log into your Kahoot account. 
  • Search for and choose the Kahoot you are willing to assign to others. 
  • Click on the Host option. This option is at the bottom of your screen. 
  • Select Assignment. 
  • Click on the Pencil icon or Edit option to mention the ending time of assignment. 
  • Click on Options. Do it if you wish to hide the player position and randomize the order of the answer. 
  • Click on the option to create and share the PIN or link with your students. You can use Remind, Google Classroom or social networking sites. 


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